Morgan, Tex. In Mesquite, Texas, Tex Morgan Sr. kept the order, but after his death the bullies, braggarts, polecats and owlhoots took over, pushing around good, honest men like Bill Brady, Tex Morgan Sr.'s best friend and the de facto uncle of Tex Morgan Jr. Junior arrives in Mesquite after years away and discovers that his father was killed–shot in the back. Against the vow he gave his mother, Junior straps on guns and avenges his father’s death. With the help of his faithful native sidekick, Lobo, he escapes from jail and begins life on the run. Eventually the Governor of Texas pardons him and makes him a “Government marshal.” Morgan fights ordinary cowboy criminals and more unusual opponents, including a shootist who has gained super-speed from an “Indian spell,” and the undead, who have been resurrected by a Mad Scientist. Tex Morgan appears in stories with titles like “Draw, Killer, or Die!” “Menace on Murder Mountain!” and “Terror of Rim Rock Valley.”

First Appearance: Tex Morgan #1 (Marvel), Aug 1948. 34 appearances, 1948-1951. Created by ?







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