Vance, Terry. Terry Vance, "the Schoolboy Sleuth," is a boy detective. He has an attic laboratory in which he conducts a number of experiments, and he is successful at inventing useful objects, like his "large gas model airplane with radio control," his ultraviolet flashlight, and his "detectoscope," a "sensitive microphone connected to earphones and operating by two batteries" that can listen through solid stone walls. He monitors police broadcasts on his radio, and when a case attracts his interest, he swings into action, accompanied by his "able assistant," the monkey "Dr. Watson." Dr. Watson has a very limited vocabulary ("EEEK!" "OOK") but is definitely sentient, capable of following Vance's instructions and using his "tiny candid camera" to help Terry solve crimes. Terry, for his part, is a clever sleuth, known to the police and welcome at crime scenes. Terry is also helped by his older friend, the ace reporter Deadline Dawson. He appears in stories with titles like “The Mystery of the Phantom Killer,” “The Mystery of the Stinging Death,” and “Voodini’s Last Laugh From the Grave.”

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #10 (Marvel), Aug 1940. 68 appearances, 1940-1944. Created by Ray Gill and Bob Oksner.















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