Parrish, Ted. “Ted Parrish, young movie idol, bored with the tinsel and lights of Hollywood, fumes at the love story roles he has been assigned and walks out of the studio.” He finds a crime instead, and solves it, using his fists and his nearly miraculous skill at disguise. He becomes Ted Parrish, the Man with 1000 Faces, a crime-fighter who fights hijackers, foreign subversives, and master criminals like The Boss. In Speed Comics #23 he is part of a one-time super-team with Shock Gibson, Pat Parker, Girl Commandos, Captain Freedom, Dick Lane, and the Black Cat. Ted Parrish appears in stories with titles like “The Curse of Cave Canyon,” “The Beast Strikes,” and “Substitute for the Secretary of State.”

First Appearance: Speed Comics #1 (Harvey), Oct 1939. 27 appearances, 1939-1943. Created by Bob Powell.








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