Tarantula. Jonathan Law is an author who has been writing about crime-solving for years, but “tonight, I’ve just begun to practice what I’ve been writing about. In my last book alone, I thought up enough stunts for thwarting big shots...to keep me going a long time in actual practice.” Inspired by his pet tarantula, Law becomes the dreaded, Spider-like Tarantula. He is occasionally assisted by his housekeeper Olga, who is aware of his costumed identity. He has no powers but has a web gun and sticky suction cups on his feet which allow him to walk on walls and ceilings. He fights the sword-wielding Blade, the cowboy thief the Outlaws and his pyrotechnic partner the Candle, the Hindu-themed Shiva, and the crime lord Sting. The Tarantula appears in stories with titles like "The Warlord of Crime," "The Crime Escadrille," and "Granny Get Your Gun."

First Appearance: Star Spangled Comics #1 (DC), Oct 1941. 19 appearances, 1941-1943. Created by Mort Weisinger and Harold Sharp.
















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