Tabu. “Deep in the heart of the jungle reigns a man with a sixth sense...according to legend, Tabu once saved an old witch-doctor from a terrible jungle death...and in return for the favor the witch-doctor gave Tabu an extra sense, which made him supreme in jungle-land. This sixth sense has made Tabu's instincts so keen that he excels over all animals. He can run faster than the deer or antelope, he can climb among the trees more agilely than any ape. He can stalk through the dense jungle grass more swiftly and more quietly than even the black panther. He can leap higher than the leopard. He can soar through the wind with more speed than the eagle. He can dart through the water more swiftly than the shark. This sixth sense, in addition to his human intelligence and his long experience with wild life, has made him a real wizard of the jungle and has taught him to be a foe of all that is evil and unjust among the jungle-born....” Tabu was sold to slavers as a child but escaped and grew up with the animals, before meeting the witch doctor. In addition to the Jungle Hero suite of powers, Tabu can work magic: summon animals at a word, call lightning and quench flame with a gesture–the magic becomes increasingly important as the issues go by, so that he becomes an actual “white wizard.” Tabu fights the usual sorts of enemies that Tarzan clones fight: slavers, Mad Scientists, evil surgeons, voodoo houngans, zombie witches, German agents, evil white hunters, evil natives, Monstrosso (the king of the apes), ghost elephants, immortal conquistadors, dinosaurs, cavemen, Serpina (a femme fatale snake charmer), and Zazenda (ghost goddess of lost souls).

First Appearance: Jungle Comics #1 (Fiction House), Jan 1940. 100+ appearances, 1940-1951. Created by Fletcher Hanks.





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