Sword (II). Arthur Lake, a weak boy, is in England on a trip with his father when he discovers King Arthur's Tomb and his sword, Excalibur. When Arthur pulls out Excalibur he is transformed, becoming the adult, superpowered Sword (II). He is partnered with Lance Larter, who gains similar superpowers and becomes the Lancer when Arthur becomes The Sword (II). Arthur, when wielding Excalibur, gains the "strength of many times ten" men as well as limited invulnerability, but if he is not pure of heart and clean of deed when he tries to draw the sword, it will not budge from its stone, and a flaming message will tell him what he has done wrong. The Sword (II)’s recurring enemy is the Japanese sorceress femme fatale Faye Morgana, “Nazi-dom’s most deadly spy–Morgana, daughter of death!” She employs agents like the Hun and the Goth against the Sword (II) and the Lancer. The Sword (II) appears in stories with titles like “Doubles to Doom Democracy,” “The Genius,” and “Undersea Domain of Doom!”

First Appearance: Captain Courageous Comics #6 (Ace), Mar 1942. 15 appearances, 1942-1945. Created by ?



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