Supermouse. “Soupie” the mouse gains Superman-like super-powers, including the “strength of 14.376 men,” by eating super-cheese (alternatively, by drinking the “liquid distillate of lightning, thunder, concentrated sun atoms and a tea spoon of sugar” developed by a great scientist). Supermouse fights Mad Scientists like the cat Professor Zyx, but his arch-enemy is the dastardly rat Terrible Tom, who does things like summon all the criminals in the world so that he could trap and kill Supermouse. (The attempt fails–Supermouse’s super hearing receives Terrible Tom’s message–and Terrible Tom is kicked out of the International Association of Crooks and Bad Men). Supermouse, whose identity is publicly known, has a girlfriend named Annabel. He appears in stories with titles like "Supermouse is Unfair to Villains," "The World of the Future," and "The Revolt of the Machines."

First Appearance: Coo Coo Comics #1 (Standard), Oct 1942. 100+ appearances, 1942-1958? Created by Kin Platt.

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