Supermind's Son. Dan Warren is the son of Supermind, aka Professor Warren. The Professor lives in his laboratory on the top of a mountain, where he keeps track of the world's troublemakers. The Professor irradiates his son with an "ultra frequency apparatus," which gives Dan "superhuman energies." Dan, who is "living dynamic power," flies into action when the Professor spies trouble. Dan can fly, has super-speed, has an electric forcefield which melts bullets and allows him to survive explosions and burn through metal, and can communicate telepathically with the Professor. Dan and the Prof. watch the world through their Televisioscope. They fight spies, ordinary criminals, the criminal mastermind known as the Brain, and a foreign invasion of America.

First Appearance: Popular Comics #60 (Dell), Feb 1941. 11 appearances, 1941 1942. Created by Maurice Kashuba and ?










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