Super-American. “America’s genius inventor, Allan Bruce, perfects the chronoticon...he looks far into the future and focuses on an amazing race of future Americans.” Unfortunately, the present is troubled, with war in Europe, dictators around the world, and “even in America, totalitarian traitors destroy and murder for their power-mad masters.” So Bruce asks the future (2350) for help, and it arrives in the form of a particularly heroic young future man. Possessed of super-strength, limited invulnerability and the ability to make Hulk leaps, Super-American (no other name is given) fights against Germans, native fascists like Tyrannus, and Vultro, the Germanic, Stalin look-alike “evil master of war-blasted Europe.”

First Appearance: Fight Comics #15 (Fiction House), Oct 1941. 4 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by Dan Zolnerowich and ?








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