Sun Girl. Sun Girl is "the nation's most popular personality," so famous and popular that when a giant ape-creature from Brazil is loose in the city, an Admiral says, "I would suggest the atom bomb rather than sacrifice the life of Sun Girl!" Her efforts to capture the animal are broadcast internationally and listened to with great interest across the world, from China to Russia to South America to the North Pole. When Sun Girl succeeds in capturing the beast, schools across the United States are closed for a day in her honor. Some textual evidence indicates that she'd been active for more than the short amount of time her stories credit her with; she is seen to be familiar with a mad scientist who is being released from prison after a long stretch in jail, and one story in Sun Girl #1 is told narrated by a grown man and judge, who was rehabilitated, as a teenager, by Sun Girl, thus implying that either the story is set in the future or that Sun Girl was active for twenty years or more. On occasion she teams up with the Human Torch. She has no superpowers but does have a solar ray gun. Sun Girl appears in stories with titles like “Menace of the Monsters!” “The Lethal Lollipops,” and “The Menace of the Sparks of Doom.”

First Appearance: Sun Girl #1 (Marvel), Aug 1948. 24 appearances, 1948-1950 Created by Ken Bald and ?








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