Sub-Zero Man. A crew of Venusians, who conveniently look like humans, are on their way home through space when they hit an asteroid. The asteroid, which is made of a frozen mist, doesn’t destroy the ship but it does freeze the ship's crew. One of the crewmen nonetheless manages to reach the controls and steers the "atom ship" to Earth. The ship lands near Salt Lake City. The Venusian, still covered in ice, painfully makes his way to the nearest building, which again conveniently happens to be full of scientists experimenting with "gamma radiation." They thaw the Venusian out with the help of gamma radiation, but the Venusian is then found by the police, who think that he's killed the rest of the crew. The Venusian runs away, but discovers that everything he touches turns into ice. After saving Salt Lake City from a flood people trust him, he learns how to control his power, and he begins fighting crime. He has an Inuit sidekick named Freezum. In addition to his freezing touch he can freeze things and people by just looking at them and bullets "crumble to bits" when they touch him.

First Appearance: Blue Bolt Comics #1 (Novelty Press), June 1940. 6 appearances, 1940. Created by Larry Antonette.

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