Sub-Earth Man. When a dormant volcano in Mexico erupts, Bob Roland, an American geologist, investigates, accompanied by his fiancee Carol. What they find is a subterranean race led by “Sub-Earth Man--God of the Middle Earth. Long ago men knew and feared me. I was god of the ancient fiery earth.  There was a time when I ruled supreme - when the earth was a fiery planet. Gradually it cooled and my power was lessened...little by little, I am driving people from the face of Earth. The day is not long distant when the planet shall be mine to rule again. After many years I am ready to make my final attempt and this shall be the greatest of them all.” Fortunately, Bob and Carol manage to foil Sub-Earth Man’s evil plot.

First Appearance: Mystic Comics #5 (Marvel), Mar 1941. 1 appearance. Created by Harold DeLay and ?










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