Conrad, Steve. Steve Conrad is a two-fisted explorer, adventurer, and inventor of the high-tech “Cyanogen Cruiser.” Conrad begins his adventures on the isle of Dolorosa, whose inhabitants have ape heads, and goes on to fight the “bronzed men” of Hercumo Island, the femme fatale jewel thief Singapore Sal, and ends up in the subterranean world of Mikishawm (see Cotton Carver and Mark Lansing). There are also South Seas adventures, a trip through time to Pharaonic Egypt, and an encounter with a Mowgli-like boy Jungle Hero. He appears in stories with titles like “Singapore Sal,” “The Tiger-Men,” and “The Prehistoric Island.”

First Appearance: New Comics #5 (DC), June 1936. 51 appearances, 1936-1942. Created by Creig Flessel.










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