Sterling, Steel. John Sterling decides to become a crime-fighter after his father is rubbed out by the mob. Sterling studies chemistry and discovers a formula which gives his body the hardness of steel. He doses himself with this formula and then jumps into a vat of molten steel, which makes his body steel-strong and steel-hard. He then goes on to become a private detective. Besides strength and invulnerability, he can also rub his "electrolized tongue" against his teeth to tap into telephone wires. He can run fast enough to leave a sonic boom behind him. He is vulnerable to magic, however. His enemies range from the Black Knight (who always returns from certain death), Twisto and Inferno (criminal circus workers), the Japanese, ancient Greeks, Baron Gestapo, Der Hyena, the Werewolf of France, zombies, and Nazis. He appears in stories with titles like “The Zeta Ray Saboteurs,” “The Terror of Twisto” (the Rubber Man), and “Ling Yung, Crime-Master of Chinatown.”

First Appearance: Zip Comics #1 (Archie), Feb 1940. 71 appearances, 1940-1944. Created by Abner Sundell and Charles Biro.




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