Star-Spangled Kid. Sylvester Pemberton is a child millionaire. Rather than spend his money on something frivolous, like toys, Syl has a social conscience, and when he sees a pro-German demonstration he breaks it up, with the help of Pat Dugan, a former boxer and his current mechanic and inventor. They become friends and decide to fight crime, Syl as the Star-Spangled Kid and Pat as his chauffeur and costumed sidekick Stripesy. He is a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. He has no powers, but thanks to Pat has a car which flies and acts as a submarine. His opponents range from ordinary criminals and Axis agents to the Mad Scientist Dr. Weerd, False Face, the Black Magician, the moon-mad Moonglow, Presto the criminal magician, and the rope-gimmick using Rope. He appears in stories with titles like “The Adventure of the King of Escape,” “Case of the Precious Peach,” and “The College of Crime.”

First Appearance: Star Spangled Comics #1 (DC), Oct 1941. 97 appearances, 1941-1948. Created by Jerry Siegel and Hal Sherman.








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