Star Pirate. Star Pirate is the “Robin Hood of the Spaceways,” who with the help of his one-eyed alien sidekick Trodelyte, aka “Trody,” robs from the space-rich and gives to the space-poor. "Driven by the ruthless inter-planetary smugglers...I was forced to turn outlaw" is the only explanation he provides for his actions. His ship is the Vengeance. Star Pirate fights space slavers and other space pirates, captures the Pearl of Neptune, survives the Graveyard Of Space, fights solar racketeers, outwits and kills hostile aliens, and duels with agents of the “space law” on several occasions.

First Appearance: Planet Comics #12 (Fiction House), May 1941. 60 appearances, 1941-1953. Created by Al Gabriele and ?










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