Starman. Ted Knight, an amateur astronomer and gentleman of leisure, invents the "gravity-rod," which "utilizes the powerful infra-rays from the distant stars." He uses his gravity-rod to fight crime and evil, although he pretends to be a Clark Kent-style weakling much to the disdain of his girlfriend Doris Lee. Knight has no superpowers, but with his gravity-rod he can fly, construct force-fields, project energy blasts, and perform whatever tricks the plot required of him. His Rogues Gallery includes the astrology gimmick-using Astra the Astrologist; Captain Vurm, who has an earthquake machine; Cuthbert Cain, who uses voodoo and photo-electric cells to control the wills of all those he takes pictures of; Dr. Doog, the leader of the Secret Brotherhood of the Electron; the Mist; and the hypnosis-inducing Veil. He appears in “The Mystery of the Men with the Staring Eyes,” “The Mystery of the Undersea Terror,” and “The Menace of the Invisible Raiders!”

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #61 (DC), Apr 1941. 94 appearances, 1941-1946. Created by Gardner F. Fox, Jack Burnley, and Ray Burnley.








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