Stardust. "Stardust, that master mind of the universe with a mysterious knowledge of criminals and their plans...his scientific use of rays has made him master of space, and planetary forces -- the gas of a certain star, has made him immune to heat or cold...Stardust carries artificial lungs that enable him to breathe safely under any condition - he uses new spectral rays, that can make him invisible, or as bright as the sun--he wears a flexible, star-metal skin, controlled through rays from a distant sun and rendering him indestructible by chemicals, or by electrical or violent force." Stardust arrives on Earth and begins wiping out ordinary criminals, the Brain-Men of Mars, the Super Fiend, Skullface Kurd, and Yew Bee and his Fifth Column. Stardust appears in stories with titles like “The Emerald Men of Asperus,” “Dr. Martinious, Warlord of Mars,” and “The Vultures of Kaos.”

First Appearance: Fantastic Comics #1 (Fox), Dec 1939. 17 appearances, 1939-1941. Created by Fletcher Hanks.






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