Spy Fighter. In the year 1997, after the ruinous 1939 war, Saber, the Spy Fighter, is "the man with the keenest mind in the world, and the mightiest." As “head of the American super-intelligence department,” he is called upon to deal with threats against the nation of Greater America. In his case, such threats consist of the greedy or malicious nations, like Mongo, Antartica, Russmany, and Grotonia, and their vicious agents, like the Lizard. Yellow Perils back California, New Mexico, and Arizona in their attempts to secede. Three “planet-monsters” invade the solar system. And so on. Saber has the ability to read minds, which the texts call “almost super natural,” a special “Transformo-ray” suit which allows him to shape change into a small glowing flame, and at times plot device powers, such as traveling at the speed of light between planets and growing to the size of the moon.

First Appearance: Fight Comics #1 (Fiction House), Jan 1940. 16 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Will Eisner and Leonard Frank.


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