Spirit of '76. Gary Blakely, son of a famous Army officer, gets a brief taste of what the Germans are doing to France and is outraged, so he enlists at West Point and meanwhile begins fighting crime as a costumed hero. (If he went public his career at the Point would be in jeopardy). He puts on a patriotic disguise, the uniform of his great-great-grandfather, and carries the fight to the bad guys. He is assisted by his pal Tubby Reynolds, and later by the Spirit of ‘76 Boys Club. He also teams up with the Black Cat and British Agent 99. They battle Germans, crooked yogis, the femme fatale mesmerist Satana, traitorous cadets, and a monster ape. He appears in stories with titles like “The Society of the Black Skull,” “Slaughter Island,” and “The Tiger Shark’s Lair.”

First Appearance: Pocket Comics #1 (Harvey), Aug 1941. 35 appearances, 1941-1948. Created by Gary Blakey and Bob Powell.









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