Spirit. Denny Colt, a criminologist, is battling with the evil Dr. Cobra when he is drenched in Cobra's formula, which is intended to put all of Central City in a coma. Colt is rendered senseless, and believed dead, so he is buried in Wildwood Cemetery. He appears at the doorstep of Police Commissioneer Dolan two days later, explaining that he'd only been in suspended animation. He decides to remain dead and fight crime as the costumed Spirit. His girlfriend is Ellen Dolan, and his assistant is Ebony White. He has no superpowers but is really, really, really tough. His villains range from the eight-armed Octopus to numerous femmes fatale, from the siren Lorelei Rox to Silk Satin, who eventually reforms and works as a spy for the British government, to weapons smuggler Sand Saref, to P’Gell, an internationally-wanted spy who becomes the Spirit’s Loving Enemy. He appears in stories with titles like “The Black Queen,” “Ogre Goran,” and “Dressed to Kill.”

First Appearance: Police Comics #11 (Quality), Sept 1942. 100+ appearances, 1942-1949+. Created by Will Eisner.









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