Spider Widow. "Wealthy and beautiful sportswoman of society" Dianne Grayton (later Grayson)  gets bored with all the leisure time in her life and irritated with crime and wickedness and decides to become "the most horrible dispenser of justice of all times." She disguises herself as a withered old crone and uses spiders to frighten and punish the Bad Guys. She can control the black widow spiders she keeps about her at all times, and is athletic and a good fighter. Her “right hand support” and mysterious subject-of-flirtation is Raven (II), who also helps end the Spider Widow’s feud with the Phantom Lady. She appears in stories with titles like “Kidnapping on the Midnight Express,” “There Ain’t Gonna Be No Santa Claus,” and “The Headhunter.”

First Appearance: Feature Comics #57 (Quality), June 1942. 18 appearances, 1942-1943. Created by Frank Borth.


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