Saunders, Speed. “In every large city there are the G-Men–in every large seaport there are G-Men known as the Harbor Police. ‘Speed’ Cyril Saunders is a special operative in a unite of the River Patrol.” Later he is just a general police investigator. Most of his case are murder cases with ordinary criminals, but there is the occasional fantastic case, as when a Mad Scientist transplanting a human brain into an ape’s body and when master villain Skull Face beegins murdering bathing beauties. He appears in stories with titles like “The Murders of Cap’n Scum,” “The Mystery of the Lost Ape,” and “The Anarchist Submarine Plot.”

First Appearance: Detective Comics #1 (DC), Mar 1937. 60 appearances, 1937-1941. Created by E.C. Stoner and Creig Flessel.










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