Speed Centaur. Speed Centaur is a member of a race of centaurs living in the Arctic. Unfortunately, an earthquake destroys Speed's race and their city. He is the only survivor, but is rescued by a trapper named Norton. Norton raises Speed, who studies hard, “showing signs of super-natural powers of thought and strength.” Norton becomes an old man, after having raised Speed to “hate evil and crime. That’s to be your mission in life–crusading against crime!” Speed makes his way to “the city of rackets” and the life of "Reel" McCoy, a reporter for the Daily Views. Speed goes on to fight crime. His adventures vary: in one, he travels to his home city and discovers it inhabited by an insane “king” who puts Speed through various dangerous tests. In another, he fights kaiju-sized insects produced by a German Mad Scientist. In another, Speed and Reel find a cave which sends them both back in time. And in another a sea monster is battled. Speed is a centaur and has super-strength and endurance.

First Appearance: Amazing Mystery Funnies v2n8 (Centaur), Aug 1939. 14 appearances, 1939-1940. Created by Malcolm Kildale and ?

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