Watts, Sparky. Sparky Watts is an ordinary college student trying to raise funds by selling magazines when he makes the fateful choice to try to pitch them to Doc Static, a slightly odd inventor. Static agrees to buy some of Watts’ magazines if Watts will agree to be a subject of one of Static’s experiments. Static irradiates Watts with cosmic rays, and Watts gets superpowers, which he uses to fight crime. Watts has super-speed, super-strength, and invulnerability. Watts fights ordinary criminals, the Axis, mutants, mummies, mesmerists, and talking bugs, and even meets a defrosted George Washington. Watts appears in stories with titles like “All That Meat And No Potatoes,” “The Lost Dutchman Mine,” and “The Glamour Ray.”

First Appearance: Big Shot Comics #14 (Columbia), June 1941. 121 appearances, 1941 1949. Created by Boody Rogers.
















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