Sparky (II). Sparkington J. Northrup is the sidekick of the Blue Beetle. He wears the same bulletproof blue chainmail as the Beetle and also takes the mystery vitamin 2X, which gives him the same super-strength as the Beetle. The villains he confronts range from ordinary criminals and Nazis to Mad Scientists, evil surgeons, the Mastermind of Crime, Skull the Saboteur, Borgo the Mirror Murderer, Egg-Head, the Ape Gang, and the child-murdering bomber Magog. He appears in stories with titles like “The Mastermind of Crime,” “Dr. Krug’s Explosive Gorillas,” and “Borgo, the Mirror Murderer.”

First Appearance: Blue Beetle Comics #15 (Fox), Oct 1942. 100+ appearances, 1942-1950. Created by Charles Quinlan and ? 















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