Space Rangers. In the year 2300 civilian, passenger and merchant travel between the planets has increased to such a degree that the Earth, perhaps in anticipation of a surge in space piracy or perhaps in reaction to it (the story doesn't say), organizes the Space Rangers, a group of "fearless and daring" men, to "insure the safety of the sky travellers." Bob Raleigh and his pal Nibbs are the main characters of the strip and the best agents of the Space Rangers. Raleigh has a good record, and when the "Black Hawk" (alternatively, "Blackhawk") resumes his "terrorizing" of "the skies," robbing "plinium...the only known substitute for radium," Raleigh and Nibbs are assigned by their boss "the Commander" to track him down. They do, attacking his headquarters on Mercury, escaping from capture, rescuing Alyse, the Blackhawk's daughter, and using their ship's disintegrator on the Black Hawk. In a later adventure they depose Carl Formes, the Mad Scientist and dictator of the planet of Glakor. (They do so by blowing him up).

First Appearance: Mystic Comics #2 (Marvel), Apr 1940. 2 appearances, 1940. Created by ?




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