Spacehawk. “With the coming of interplanetary travel, the legions of the law find it impossible to cope with the pirates, killers, and other criminals lurking in space...then, apparently out of nowhere comes the superhuman enemy of crime, the mysterious Spacehawk! Thereafter, bandits of the void begin to disappear, for they soon learn to fear the amazing powers of the Spacehawk who always strikes without warning.” Spacehawk is a Neptunian who comes to Earth to fight for "the great nation of America" and for peace across the planet and the solar systems.His lover is Queen Haba of Noom, on Neptune. He has telepathy, invulnerability, and can fly, as well as having access to advanced alien technology. He appears in stories with titles like “The Creeping Death From Neptune,” “The Lost Tribe of Mercury,” and “The Vulture Men From the Void.”

First Appearance: Target Comics #5 (Novelty Press), June 1940. 34 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by Basil Wolverton.







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