Space Ace. “We like to think that some day, hundreds of years from now, cargo spacers–the covered wagons of the future–will bring us the produce of our sister planets. And to guard their cargoes, to keep peace and maintain the law on the star frontiers, a new breed of policeman will be needed. We like to call them–the Space Patrol! This, then, is the story of the patrolman of the future, a man with star-tan on his face, whose ears ring with the muffled thunder of rocket-jets, who has seen the canals of Mars and the Red Spot on Jupiter. A man called “Jet” Black, Space Ace.” He appears in stories with titles like “The Being in the Box,” “The Adventure of the Invisible Pirates,” and “The Harp of Death.”

First Appearance: Manhunt #1 (Magazine Enterprises), Oct 1947. 17 appearances, 1947-1952. Created by Fred Guardineer and ?








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