South Sea Girl. “Above a volcano floor, shrouded by whispering mists, and hemmed in with deep waters treacherously studded by reefs, lies the Vanishing Isles...where the pounding surf sweeps adventure against lush shores, demanding a challenge from the young beautiful ruler and protector, Alani...known simply as the South Sea Girl!” Alani is the South Pacific version of a Jungle Hero, “mothered by the surf” and as at home at sea as she is among people. She is a native and distrusts most white men, although she makes an exception for Captain Trimble, the pilot of a schooner. Her adventures are standard South Seas adventures. Alani appears in stories with titles like “Echoes of an A-Bomb,” “Murder Goes Native,” and “The Thirsty Blade.”

First Appearance: Seven Seas Comics #1 (Leader Enterprises), Apr 1946. 6 appearances, 1946-1947. Created by Manning Lee Stokes and Matt Baker.









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