Sorceress of Zoom. The Sorceress of Zoom is the ruler of a magical cloud city which appears and disappears as she wills it. In the city she "rules the fantastic creatures created by her magic spell," turning the corpses of those who opposed her into zombie slaves. She can also change others into animals and insects. In addition to her magical powers, she leads from the front lines in battle and will happily stab an enemy leader to death if it will forward her plans. She tries to use her magic to take over the world but is defeated by the cleverness or pure heart of her opponents. She faces off against (and triumphs over) wizards, conjurers, and the Sorceresses of Camelot, as well as a super-scientist (who is turned into a rat). The Sorceress of Zoom appears in stories with titles like “Thunder Over Nagpur,” “Battle with King Druid,” and “The Dead Forest.”

First Appearance: Weird Comics #1 (Fox), Apr 1940. 20 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by Don Rico.


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