Son of the Gods. John Thesson, an archaeologist, goes to Crete with his friend Professor Craig, to dig in the “ancient labyrinth of King Minos.” Craig believes that the ancient Greek myths, especially those of Theseus, were true, and that the ring of Poseidon might be found in the ruins. Thesson scoffs. But what follows are a series of events that confirm Craig’s suspicion that not only are the myths true, but that Thesson is the reincarnation of Theseus: he kills a boar, he outwits “Procrostous” (Procrustes), ane he kills Cercion (Cercyon). When the ring of Poseidon is found, Thesson can no longer deny who he is, and he pledges himself to “endless combat against tyranny, crime and destruction.” The latter three include the Mad Scientist Dr. Hodl and his “red blight” ray, the super-tank “Tankonaut,” and the German scientist Dr. Giess and his super-poisonous “thanotane.” Thanks to the ring of Poseidon, Thesson is “immune to all harm” as well as extremely athletic. He appears in stories with titles like "Mystery of the Missing Men" and "Havoc in Hawaii."

First Appearance: Exciting Comics #2 (Standard), May 1940. 7 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by George Mandel.









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