Skywolf. Larry Wolfe is the Skywolf, a Blackhawk-like leader of a team of anti German pilots. The Wolf is the best of the bunch, of course, but the others are also feared by the Germans. There's the Turtle, a brave Pole whose tongue was cut out of his mouth by the Germans, and who communicates with the others by tapping Morse Code with his head. There's the Judge, an aging Brit rejected by the RAF because of his age but still a top pilot. There's Cocky Roche, a "tough little cockney with a quick wit and a sharp tongue." And then there's the Wolf, who wears a wolf's head over his uniform. They fly special planes which can each separate into two separate aircraft when required. He fights everything from Genghis Khan to the Sun God to Tobacco Sal, the Lady Pirate. Skywolf appears in stories with titles like “Zombies of the High Llama,” “The Flying Dragons,” and “The Man Who Walked On Air.”

First Appearance: Air Fighters Comics #2 (Hillman), Nov 1942. 33 appearances, 1942-1947. Created by Harry Stein and Mort Leav.








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