Sky Wizard. “So secretly has Sky Wizard, world’s greatest scientist, perfected his newest invention, the super stratosphere plane, that only Pat and Jerry Dare are allowed to watch their father, Captain Henry Dare, veteran ace, take off on a distance test flight, from the scientist’s secluded Texas airport.” Unfortunately, agents of the villainous Yellow Peril Unholy One want  the plane and will do anything to get it, including holding the Dare children for ransom. (It all works out in the end). Sky Wizard’s inventions include a supercharger car, a paralyzer Q-beam, a directional telray, and a super-strength formula. Sky Wizard is aided by his Sikh manservant Keeshan.

First Appearance: Miracle Comics #1 (Hillman), Feb 1940. 4 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Emile Schurmacher, Ed Kressy, and Norman Fallon.







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