Silver Streak. Silver Streak is a taxi driver who has the misfortune to be hypnotised by a swami with a penchant for building race cars. Unfortunately, the swami's best race car, the Silver Streak, seems to be targeted by someone or something, for every time someone drives it they are attacked and killed by a giant insect. Like the other drives of the Silver Streak, the taxi driver is attacked and killed, but the swami brings him back to life and puts him behind the wheel of the Silver Streak again, to find the party responsible. Then, without much explanation, the taxi driver becomes a costumed hero with a "secret fluid" in his blood which allow him to defy gravity and move at super-speed. He is partnered with Mercury, later Meteor. He sometimes teams up with Daredevil. The Silver Streak also has a pet falcon named Whiz, who like Mercury gains super-speed from a blood transfusion. The Silver Streak appears in stories with titles like “The Mystery of the Monstrous Fly,” “Monster of Berlin,” and “The White Mummy.”

First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #3 (Lev Gleason), Mar 1940. 22 appearances, 1940-1945. Created by Jack Binder and ?









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