Silver Knight. “"Among the legendary great of Arthur's Court  most valiant was Briane...chosen by the Druids as England's defender   and meeting her foes with the magic sword and armor of...the Silver Knight!” Briane’s smart horse is Mordru, his smarter falcon is Tercel, and Briane’s lover is Tarna, although "too long, Tarna, has our marriage been delayed by Vorkal  the Saxon cur!" Vorkal and the traditional enemies of King Arthur and Camelot are Briane’s recurring enemies in these knights-in-armor high-adventure stories. The Silver Knight appears in stories with titles like "The Saxon Hostage" and "Siege of Camelot."

First Appearance: America’s Biggest Comics Book #1 (Standard), 1944. 8 appearances, 1944-1948. Created by Leo Isaacs, Ken Battefield, and Everett Kinstler.










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