Gibson, Shock. Charles "Shock" Gibson, a wealthy scientist, is trying to find a way to integrate electricity into the human body. Thanks to a laboratory accident, he finds it, and uses it nightly to empower himself. With his new power he goes out to fight crime as the “Shock Gibson, the Human Dynamo.” While he has his dosage he can generate enough electricity to shock an entire river, weld metal, and even blast through metal walls; he also can fly, has super-strength (“the strength of a thousand men”), and can generate electro-magnetism. Without his dosage he still has great (though human) strength and stamina. In Speed Comics #23 he is part of a one-time super-team: Shock Gibson, Ted Parrish, Pat Parker, Girl Commandos, Captain Freedom, Dick Lane, and the Black Cat. Shock Gibson fights Baron von Kampf, Mad Scientist and zombie-maker; the Hobo Saboteurs; the Slave Traders of the Secret Kingdom; the Russian Mad Scientist Baron Ratski, who briefly teams up with Baron von Kampf; invading aliens from Mercury; and carnivorous dinosaurs. Shock Gibson appears in stories with titles like “Giant Ants of the Moon,” “The Quisling Queen of Tambu,” and “The Fiendish Fourth Dimension.”

First Appearance: Speed Comics #1 (Harvey), Oct 1939. 58 appearances, 1939-1948. Created by Maurice Scott and ?





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