Shining Knight. Justin, a knight of Camelot's Round Table, ventures from Camelot to fight an ogre. He succeeds in slaying the ogre and rescuing Merlin, for which he is given a suit of magic armor and a winged steed. But Justin falls into a crevasse, where he and his winged horse Winged Victory are frozen in ice for centuries. He is thawed out at the beginning of World War Two and becomes the guardian of Winston Churchill and a fighter for the Allies. He is assisted by and is a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. He has no superpowers, but Winged Victory, has wings and can fly, his magic sword can cut a hole through anything and deflect bullets, and his armor is invulnerable. He fights the knight-themed gang boss King Artie, the evil sorcerer Archimago, the phony knight the Black Baron, the immortal villain Sir Traytor, and the monstrous Wrecker. He appears in stories with titles like “The Castle in the Air,” “The Horseless Cowboy,” and “Adventure of the Desperate Dragons.”

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #66 (DC), Sept 1941. 100+ appearances, 1941-1951. Created by Henry Avelyn Perkins and Creig Flessel.


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