Sheriff Sal. “When the frontier town of Red Dog elected Sally Starr its sheriff, mocking laughter rang out from canyon wall to grazing land, and echoed across the western ranges! A girl sheriff! What a jest! Outlaws and longriders hitched up gunbelts and turned greedy eyes toward easy pickings... But Sally and her roan stallion, Big Red, flashed into action, and the roar of gunfire echoed across the range, giving notice of a spine-tingling two gun tornado....” Businessmen offer her the badge because “the whole town’s so doggone peace-loving no man wants it!” But when trouble rears its ugly head, Sally shoots it in the face. She’s sweet on Flash Gannon, but will arrest even him if the evidence points toward him, and refuses to marry him as long as he insists she give up being sheriff. (He eventually relents, and she agrees to the marriage). She appears in stories with titles like “ ”Trouble Takes a Town,” “Trouble Comes in Threes,” and “The Gila Monster Murders”

First Appearance: Western Adventures #1 (Ace), Oct. 1948. 6 appearances, 1948-1949. Created by King Ward and ?






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