Sheena. Sheena is the archetypal–indeed, the first major–female Jungle Hero, the one upon whom most other female Jungle Heroes were modeled, much as Tarzan was and remains the model for male Jungle Heroes. Assisted by the great white hunter Bob Reynolds, Sheena fight everything under the sun, including but not limited to: hostile natives, hostile animals, giants, a super-ape, the Green Terror, sabre-tooth tigers, voodoo cultists, gorilla-men, devil-apes, blood cults, devil queens, dinosaurs, army ants, lion men, lost races, leopard-birds, cavemen, serpent gods, vampire-apes, etc.  She appears in stories with titles like “Cannibal Fury,” “Victims of the Super-Ape,” and “Voodoo Flames.”

First Appearance: in the U.K., Wags #1 (Editors Press service); in the U.S., Jumbo Comics #1 (Fiction House), Sept 1938. 100+ appearances, 1938-1958. Created by Will Eisner and S.M. Iger.









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