Shark. The Shark is the "son of Father Neptune" and fights for justice on the high seas. He is helped in this job by "Pops," aka Neptune

Humans call him the Shark because he is most frequently seen in company with a school of large man eating sharks. But now we proceed to enter the secret home of His Majesty The Shark, king of all sea life. As we go on through this tunnel (which no human has ever seen) we find at the end a large steel door! When the door is open you step into an air lock. And the first thing you see after coming out of the air lock is the throne room of the Shark--other rooms are about the castle.

And now at last we see the Shark-Man himself--you will note his large webbed hands. His feet are also webbed, then too, you will note, the sharks that are swimming around him. They are his friends, the same as the apes are the ape-man's friends--in water the Shark has the strength of ten whales and can swim as fast as the same--but out of water he has no more strength than a mere man--but the Shark is gifted with a strong sense of hypnosis. He can make an image of himself appear out of any water as if he were a genie.

Inventions unknown to the outer world have been developed and used by the Shark--one being a one way television set whose receiver need be nothing but a blank wall.

The Shark uses his television set to project an image of himself to frighten crooks, and when that doesn’t work uses his superpowers to stop the crooks. His enemies include a Mad Scientist who has hypnotized the super-strong creatures of the Hollow Earth as a plot to conquer the world, international spies, Martian mummies (on Mars) who have human slaves, African natives holding the aviatrix “Amelia Reinhardt” captive, ghost ships, and the Portable Man, who can break his body into individual sections and cannot be killed.

First Appearance: Amazing-Man Comics #6 (Centaur), Oct 1939. 22 appearances, 1939-1941. Created by Lew Glanzman.


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