Sentinel. One night in 1783, after the American revolution has been won, the "Spirit of America" appears next to a newly made cannon. She says, "America has won her freedom! But if, in future years, an evil force shall attempt to destroy that liberty...a hero will be created from these powders of patriotism, to roam America as the champion of her freedom." In 1941, on the Boston Common, the cannon fires, and the Sentinel appears, saying "The Spirit of America calls me forth! I know my mission...and will fight the forces of evil in these United States." He pursues saboteurs, calling them “Fritz” (he may be centuries old, but his patois is contemporary), and then fights them on the battlefield, taking care of soldiers and planes alike. He can teleport, appear as a flame, write flaming words, and is superhumanly strong.

First Appearance: Liberty Scouts #3 (Centaur), Aug 1941. 4 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by George H. Wilson and ?







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