Señorita Rio. Rita Farrar is a successful Hollywood actress, but her fiancé died during the Pearl Harbor bombings, and this has her very upset. She finally decides that she wants to serve her country in a direct way, and fakes her suicide, moves to Rio de Janeiro, and prowls Brazil and South America, fighting the Germans, Japanese, and their agents and sympathizers in the cities, the pampas, and the Andes. Later she reveals herself to the public, becomes America’s top actress, becomes publicly known as a “spy deluxe,” and fights evil in the Caribbean. After the war she fights the newer enemies of America and has other adventures. She is good with her fists and is quite willing to set up other women so they are shot to death. In addition to German, Japanese, and Soviet spies and agents, she fights ordinary criminals, saboteurs, and a Sheena-manque named Zengara terrorizing rubber interests. Senorita Rio appears in stories with titles like “Slave Brand of the Spider Cult,” “Graveyard In the Sky,” and “The Fire Brides of Lost Atlantis.”

First Appearance: Fight Comics #19 (Fiction House), June 1942. 52 appearances, 1942 1950. Created by Nick Cardy and ?







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