Secret Stamp. In Freetown, U.S.A., Roddy Colt is a star news carrier and schoolboy. However, when bad guys steal Defense stamps, when crime occurs or danger threatens America, Colt puts on “the good old uniform of victory” and becomes the Secret Stamp: “I’ll take it on myself to wipe out crime and fight the enemies of our defense program.” As the Stamp he is known and admired and is a good rabble rouser in the name of patriotism. Colt always pulls a Clark Kent when the Stamp is needed and emerges later to claim that he got lost or some such excuse. The Stamp has no powers but is a good fighter. He rides a bike with a two-way radio and is friends with Jerry Dash, reporter. The Secret Stamp appears in stories with titles like “The Three Man Blitzkrieg,” “The Case of the ‘Costumed Crook,’” and “The Case of the Killer Shylock.”

First Appearance: Captain America #13 (Marvel), Apr 1942. 18 appearances, 1942-1943. Created by Stan Lee and Don Rico.









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