Sea Eagle.”In the Seventeenth Century, unarmed merchant ships fell easy prey to marauding buccaneers who roamed the waters of the West Indies! Great indeed was the peril for any vessel in their path! But then, sweeping forth to clear the vermin from the seas, came the Sea Eagle whose name struck terror to the black hearts of scoundrels everywhere! Who is the Sea Eagle? He is Sir Ronald Blake, Virginia colonist, whose swordsmanship and seamanship both know no peer!” Blake is the “son of a Virginia colonist who was ruthlessly slain by pirates in West Indian waters.” With a not-coincidental resemblance to Errol Flynn in his pirate movies, and a crew of hearties that include first mate Jamaica and Kitty, Blake’s spirited betrothed, the Sea Eagle sweeps the seas clear of any pirate he encounters, even killing vicious whales by hand if he has to. The Sea Eagle appears in stories with titles like “The Scourge of the Dark Seas,” “The Return of the Hook,” and “The Quick and the Dead.”

First Appearance: America’s Best Comics #25 (Standard), Feb 1948. 6 appearances, 1948-1949. Created by ?








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