Scarab. Peter Ward, an adventurous archaeologist and Egyptologist, is led by a mysterious voice and an uncanny black cat to the “tomb of the cat-god.” Inside he finds a mummy and a role of papyrus which reads, “And there shall come to this tomb, led by the black cat, reincarnation of the priest Akh-Tu-Men, a stranger from across great waters! His name shall be Peter Ward!! Tested by suffering and tribulation, he shall be the reincarnation of this writer, Kor, high priest of the cat-god!–And he shall wear my scarab ring!” When he rubs the scarab ring, he becomes the Scarab, super-strong, invulnerable, and capable of flight. He’s accompanied by the black cat, Akh-Tu-Men, who is unusually intelligent and defends Wars. Ward fights ordinary criminals, Pharaonic cultists, renegade archaeologists, and Scarab impersonators who try to stir Egyptians to fight against the Allied forces. He appears in stories with titles like "The Avengers" and "The Masked Marauders."

First Appearance: Startling Comics #34 (Standard), July 1945. 10 appearances, 1945-1947. Created by ?









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