Satanas. “From out of the frightful depths of inter-galactic space comes the most foul plague our world has ever known! Satanas...cynical, sneering, too evil for his own kind...comes to conquer our world!” A thousand years ago on Pluto Satanas, who makes “vice a virtue...cruelty a practice,” is banished. There’s no way to kill Plutonians, so they put him in a spaceship and send him wandering through space. Centuries pass, and Satanas reaches Earth. He decides to conquer it, announcing that he’s going to raid Fort Knox, which he does. Later, he uses vibrations to destroy buildings and soldiers. Satanas is stronger than humans, bullets pass right through him, he is a genius, and he has an array of high-tech weaponry, including a disintegrator gun, a paralysis ray, and his prison ship, which he has converted to a “scientific crime laboratory.” His attitude is enjoyably belligerent and arrogant.

First Appearance: Red Band Comics #1 (Rural Home), Nov 1945. 2 appearances, 1945. Created by ?


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