Sargon. Centuries ago the all-powerful Ruby of Life was guarded by the priests of the Tiparanes, until the “untutored savage Aryan hordes” sacked the Temple of Asyreth and carried the Ruby away. It wandered, was hidden by Aztecs and eventually found by an explorer, who gave it to his fiancee, who wore it as a necklace. It was the first thing their baby saw and touched, which gave the boy, John Sargent, the power over anything he touches. As an adult he becomes a stage magician and crime-fighter. He performs on the road accompanied by his mother and his sidekick/manager Maximilian O’Leary. His opponents include the sorceress the Blue Lama, the demon-conjuring Dimmick, and the Lightning Bug, who projects Z-rays from her antennae. Sargon appears in stories with titles like “The Tale of True-Tongue Barak,” “Black Magic Against White Magic,” and “An Adventure in Dreams.”

First Appearance: All-American Comics #26 (DC), May 1941. 65 appearance, 1941-1949. Created by John B. Wentworth and Howard Purcell.








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