Samson. “Son, I never told you before, but you are a direct descendant of the Great Samson of the Bible. You inherited his great strength!” Sam, newly graduated from college, reacts to this news by pledging himself to America’s freedom. Thankfully, “a college friend of Samson’s, Prof. Brun, has invented a marvelous iconoscope by which he can see events taking place all over the world,” which allows Samson to find people in need, like an imam in the Near East, and help them. Samson has super-strength and can perform Hulk-leaps. He is vulnerable to having his hair cut, but it regrows within hours. He is assisted by David, an orphan Samson adopts. Together they fight giant robots, monsters, Mad Scientists, Thugs, dinosaurs, dictators, warmongers, dictators, zombies, and radium thieves, among many others. Samson appears in stories with titles like “The Molecule N Formula,” “The Blind Killers,” and “The Death Mark of the Dragon.”

First Appearance: Fantastic Comics #1 (Fox), Dec 1939. 53 appearances, 1939-1941. Created by Will Eisner and Alex Blum.






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