Saint (I). Simon Templar is “the Saint,” a thief and law-breaker who is dedicated to helping people and taking care of the wronged. He keeps a percentage of what he takes, but gives all the rest to those who truly need it. He is full of joie de vivre but is committed to avenging injustice. He lives a good life and has a luxurious apartment and powerful automobile. His background is mysterious, and he has never revealed it, but it is known that he began poor. He is accompanied by the toothsome Patricia Holm, and fruitlessly pursued by Inspector Teal of Scotland Yard. He appears in “The Bacteria Bomb Blitz” and “The Rescue of President Carden.”

First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #18 (Lev Gleason), Feb 1942. 2 appearances, 1942. Created by Leslie Charteris and Edd Ashe. Note: This is a comic book version of Leslie Charteris’ character. 














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